Patrick 4 Birds


Budgie I've been breeding birds for over 20 years.The species I have bred include hooded, princess, redrump, scarlet chested, bourkes, turqs, kakarikis, green cheeks, suns, cockatiels, budgies, and parrots. I've bred these birds on a simple seed mix which includes 7kg of jap, 5kg french, 3kg whole oats, 5kg canary with sunflower supplied to breeding pairs in small quantities and increased during breeding season. I also feed a variety of 5 different fruits & veges a day, egg & buscuit, a palleted supplement of calcium & vitamins and a sprouting mix including sunflower, safflower, wheat in small quantities also mung beans, red beans, soybeans, Milo, corn and peanuts soaked for 12 hours with 1 capful of bleach, thoroughly rinsed, allowed to stand for 4 hours then fed.


Patrick 4 Birds is for sale. 35 suspended cages and all my breeding pairs. Prices listed below are for birds in cages.

Breeding pairs:

Ornates 5 years old top pair $3800

Sex linked kakarikis sold

Green cheeks 4 pair
1,Yellow sided $300
2.Yellow sided split cinnamon cock pineapple hen $350
3.Cinnamon split yellow sided cock yellow sided hen $300
4.Yellow sided split cinnamon cock and cinnamon hen $300
All the above pair are very reliable and 2 times most sessions.

Scarlets 3 pair
1,Par-blue cock and white fronted blue hen, breed sea green and par-blue $300
2.Normal split blue cock and sea green hen, breed sea green and splits $300
3.Full red fronted cock and hen split blue, breed full red fronted and some split blue $280

Bourkes 3 pair
Rose 3 breeding pair top birds the best rose bourkes I have seen $200 a pair

Cockatiels 2 pair
1.White face split pied cock and peal hen split w/face $150
2.Pied split peal,cinnamon,w/face cock and cinnamon pied slit w/face hen $100

10 breeding pairs and spares to many mutations to list. Top stuff some very rare mutations $1000

All the pairs have no breeding problems. They can come in there own complex, simply move the lot on car trailer. Also my web page is for sale. Will seperate or $10000 the lot, call 0410243503.